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Luigi Volpi

Luigi Volpi was born in Lodi, Italy. He attended painting classes at the school of art at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, and received his master of fine arts degree from Art Institute Venturi in Modena. Since 1983 he devote himself exclusively to painting and engraving. Lives and works in Lodi.
Selected Exhibitions:
2014    "Luigi Volpi Acqueforti", Biblioteca Laudense, Lodi
2012    "Intrecci d’arte", Museo Parrocchiale, Lodi
1999    Zebra One Gallery, London
1993    "The Biennial of Engraving Romeo Musa", Galleria Forni, Bologna
1991    "Self Portrait of the Artist", Ciovasso Gallery, Milan
1987    3rd International Biennial Print Exhibition, Taipei

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