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Selwyn Senatori

Exhibition @ZZHK Gallery

6-20 September, 2013

Selwyn Senatori is a popular Italian-Dutch Neo-pop Artist with an individual style. His inspiration is about La Dolce Vita. Spending his childhood in Italy where he lifestyle of long lunches with family and friends, wine and music and the always present checkered tablecloth is a prominent feature in his works. Through his bold brush strokes intermixed with spray, he transmit his exiting ideas onto the canvas. The spontaneous splashes in bright, vibrant colors engage viewers with an unprecedented zest.
His unique and modern style is a big international success. Selwyn Senatori has done many big and interesting projects. From painting in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the museum with the biggest masterpieces of the Golden Age, to produced a silkscreen for Mercedes-Benz for which Christina Aguilera did the campaign. He made spread-page drawings for Playboy Magazine. He has done shows in Moscow, Paris, Oslo, Milan and New York City. His new exhibition in Hong Kong at ZZHK Gallery will run until 20th September.

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