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Lee du Ploy

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Lee du Ploy is both an artist and a complimentary medical practitioner. He has exhibited his paintings since the early 1970's. His most recent book "The Glass facade" is written to record his journey of treating people with psychological problems. As he said “Whereas psychology is my passion, art is my life. They are in essence the same journey.” He now has a studio in Hong Kong and paints full time concentrating on portraits as a research programme of creating a new insight into the human mind and behaviour.

A Little about Me

I was born on a farm in Africa on the edge of the great Kalahari desert.

I spoke three languages by the time I was four, and English when I was seven.

I wore no shoes through choice until I was six.

My first memory was crossing a river on the back of a man, he did not make it.

My interest in human behavior and psychology came at the Sorbonne in 1968 after which I went to work and research at Excerpta Medica in Amsterdam.

I worked in various clinics around the world including Hong Kong.

Whereas psychology is my interest, art is my life, I have always been surrounded by art and been a painter. My paintings are like my children, I talk to them, they always go to the right home, I never fret.

I know how lucky I am to do what I do. I am grateful (not entitled) to do what I do.

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