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Henry Moore

Sir Henry Moore is accepted to be the most important sculptor of his generation, he has influenced many young artist who have gone on to be successful in their own right.
Moore was born in July in 1893 in Yorkshire, he remained unaffected by fame and even turned down a knighthood in 1951 but remained the quintessential Yorkshire man loving the simple things in life, inspire of his wealth remained living quietly and unpretentiously working at his art until his death.
He was known for collecting beach debris and shells, and stones. On my last visit to his studio before his death, many of these small shells and beach debris was displayed on shelves, he used some of these as maqeutees to produce larger work, some colossal which now adorn the famous building around the world., including UNESCO and the houses of Parliament.
He loved experimenting with various media, exploring all possibilities, one of his loves was graphics work among which is the simplest form called is etching, particularly the method called "drypoint".

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